Gemwater is an engineering company, able to provide a solution to any technical requirement. Its staff is a critical mass of engineers selected in all the fields related to its activity. This particular characteristic gives our company a great cumulative engineering experience and a structural agility in order to adapt easily to client’s necessities.
To follow, some of the services Gemwater is able to provide:


Gemwater is capable to give the clients suggestions on how to approach the renewing of the plants or increasing production capacity of existing facilities. Through the attempt of modification of existing equipment to remove throughput restrictions, debottlenecking generally increases capacity for a fraction of the cost of building new facilities. Gemwater’s ability is in  improving, modifying, or re-structuring a process in order to obtain improved (or increased) production from it.


Through a wide and rich network of competent workshop, all specialized on different type of manufacturing, Gemwater is able to provide any type of fabrication, under all the type of certification requested.


Gemawater is able to perform extensive investigation and research to conduct evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project. The aim is to obtain the two criteria to judge feasibility: cost required and value to be obtained, in order to support the process of decision making.


Gemwater is committed to providing customer with an exceptional maintenance service enabling them to assure superior quality. To do so, Gemwater offers customers flexible contract, adapted to their specific needs and site realities. Every contract negotiated with the client may contain any  selection of the  service elements described in this section. The after sales service contract can also cover parts required for preventive maintenance and consumable supply.


All service calls are carried out by qualified engineers. The number of service calls, conducted time by time, is determined with the client according to staffing at the site and any specific support requirements that are indicated.


Gemwater can produce a performance indicator reports, regarding the water treatment system. The customer programmable controller record an average of all values collected. The performance indicators are collected in a performance record. Every contract can be offered on an annual basis or for a fixed period of 2, 3 or 5 years, according to the client’s needs.


Sometimes the specific case of a waste water require many tests and validation, before sizing
and designing all the equipment of a plant correctly. In those cases, Gemwater may provide a small-scale industrial plant in order to test and verify all the scenarios which may happen. All the problems can be identified and solved before the full-scale plant is built.


The most feasible, the most rational and cost saving solution is the result of years of company and personnel experience and know how. This is the key factor of Gemwater capability in approaching any technical and financial aspect of designing.


One of the most valuable activity of Gemwater is the capacity of a conscious and responsible procurement. The aim is to select the best product on the market less reasonable cost, through a careful management of the relation with sub-vendors and an attentive capacity of planning the sub-vendors work-load.


A well-qualified staff of engineers and project managers ensures the complete management and control of the supply in all the stages of designing, procurement, construction and supply.


Gemwater works on complex engineering solution, as well as on single equipment or on simple plants and is always available to customize the product in order to better comply with the client’s requirement. To respect these different scenarios, Gemwater applies a strict control of its internal standards quality procedures to operate. The aim is to respect timing, respect the conformity to client’s specification and international codes and standards.


Gemwater organization includes in its head quarter offices a dedicated staff for the evaluation of the spare parts required in every plant supplied at customers using original spares from manufacturer for every equipment previously supplied.


Gemwater specialized personnel can provide any type of supervision, to pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, installation.


As per prescription form quality management system and  good manufacturing procedure, Gemwater applies strict controls to testing & validation in order to ensure the respect of the design, of the international standards and of client’s specification.


After any supply, Gemwater specialized personnel can provide training courses on operation and maintenance for the applied technology.